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Bible Study Topics
The bible study topics we have covered in the House Group are wide-ranging.  To see online notes on a few of the topics we have covered, please click on the links below.  You are welcome to use these notes for your own personal studies.  However, these study notes may NOT be published, distributed electronically, sold or used for any form of commercial gain.  They are personal notes drawn up from various sources strictly for private study purposes only.  (If you wish to link to our site then please let us know, if only that we may return the favour!)  Thank you for respecting our conditions.
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Online Bible
Enjoy the convenience of the Bible Gateway search interface, providing access to various translations of the Bible (NIV, KJV etc) online.
Scripture Verse
Click on the Bible to read a verse from scripture. We hope that these readings will be useful for personal meditation, building up faith and understanding in the eternal and flawless Word of God.
Prayer Requests
Make prayer your first response and not your last resort!  If you would like the House Group to pray for you or an area in your life, or in the life of someone you care about, please feel free to contact the Group via the Contact Form below with your prayer request.  Rest assured your request will remain CONFIDENTIAL at all times.
Some Sermons
In the early days of Methodism, the term 'Local Preacher' marked the difference between the lay-preacher who remained at home, preaching in his immediate neighbourhood, and the 'Travelling Preacher' (nowadays known as ordained Ministers) who gave up their fulltime occupations to travel and spread the Gospel.  Local Preachers remain an important part of the church today.  The House Group is fortunate to have had two dedicated Local Preachers as members - David Allen and the late Cecil Mathers.  We therefore thought we would include a few of their sermons in text format.  Sometimes when a sermon particularly touches us, we wish we could hear it all over again.  Well, on this page, you can re-read your favourites as often as you like! These are transcriptions of actual sermons preached in various local churches.  May you be blessed.  Just click on the preacher ...
On this page we hope to provide some thoughts, testimonies and articles that friends and members of the House Group have shared.  We hope you will find these reflections thought-provoking.  And don't forget - if you have something you'd like to share, please feel free to contact us with your submission.  This page is for House Group web-friends too!

The Lord's Supper
Taking Holy Communion (or the Lord's Supper) is something every believer can do.  However, how do we prepare our hearts for this special act of worship?   Here are a few thoughts you might like to ponder.

There are so many Christian books available nowadays that sometimes it's hard to choose, isn't it?  Here are just a few titles that members of the House Group have personally found interesting and would recommend to you.
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Diary Dates
Some dates of forthcoming Christian events being held in Northern Ireland that you might care to note in your diary.  If you know of a special meeting, please do let us know so that we can include it in our diary.

Free gift ... for you!
Would you like to accept the amazing free gift that the Lord has for you?  Are you ready to get to know Him personally as your Saviour and Friend?  If so, then just click on the gift box and decide to invite Jesus into your heart today.
"Behold I stand at the door and knock ..." [Revelation 3:20]

Links Around the World
A few links to interesting websites we have found around the world.

The Refrigerator Door
And finally, as there really wasn't a specific place to put these few quips, quotes and pictures we decided, just for fun, to place them on a virtual 'fridge door!  We hope you enjoy them.

Guestbook - inactive at present ... sorry!
Due to abusive 'spam attacks' we have been forced to close down our Guestbook.  We apologise to all those sincere people who have signed it in the past, but we have had no choice but to remove what has been taken over by people who wish only to post obscene messages.  We do hope to find a new guestbook host in the future.

Contact Form
You are very welcome to use this form to get in contact with us.  Just click on the envelope to e-mail us.  (We apologise for the delay in getting this feature fully operational but everything seems to be working properly now so ... over to you!!)
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